Feelings are for the soul what food is for the body.

-Rudolf Steiner

The aim of Anthroposophic Medicine is to care for the whole human being.  It is practiced by conventionally-trained physicians who have undergone specialized training, learning to apply a broad array of effective natural medicines.  This whole-person approach was founded by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920's.  In Europe, Anthroposophic Medicine is integrated into hospitals, out-patient clinics and university teaching and research programs.  In the United States, Anthroposophic Medicine has been successfully integrated into a large variety of medical practices.  Trainings in anthroposophic medicine are offered for health professionals in thirty-two countries on five continents. 

The anthroposophic physician strives to understand the unique qualities of an individual through the specific lenses that Rudolf Steiner calls ‘three fold’, ‘four fold’, and ‘seven fold’.  Three fold examines the physiological systems referred to as the nerve sense system (our nerves and senses), the rhythmic system (heart, lungs) and the metabolic/limb system (organs, digestion of food and movement).  Each individual will have a tendency to dominate in one of those systems.  Four fold is another lens through which we can observe the physical body (earth quality), and 3 additional subtle, interwoven bodies which are instrumental in organizing the water, air and warmth in our bodies.   For example, if the water element isn’t organized properly in our body, we may get edema (too much water) or dry skin (not enough water).   Seven fold addresses seven specific organs in the body: heart, lungs, gall bladder, liver, spleen, kidneys and reproductive system/brain.   The anthroposophic physician works to understand how the qualities of specific organs may dominate or influence an individual.  Office visits allow for a lengthy, detailed discussion.  In addition to making a conventional diagnosis,  treatment  is always 'individualized.'   

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